‘To spend and be spent in their work was their greatest and best privilege.’ Although S. Thomas’ College at Gurutalawa began as an integral part of the School founded by Bishop James Chapman at Mutwal in 1851, those associated with the School have always considered Dr R. L. Hayman as the ‘Founder’ of STC at Gurutalawa. In one sense, he was, for although he would perhaps  have preferred to have stayed at Mount Lavinia, it was he that  practically built the School that continued at Gurutalawa when the war ended in 1945 and the majority of exiled Thomians returned to [...]

The Mount Lavinia ~ Gurutalawa Thomian Nexus and the Big Match

The College of Saint Thomas the Apostle, was founded at Mutwal by Dr James Chapman , the first Anglican Bishop of Colombo . He himself was a product of Eton College and King’s College Cambridge . The foundation stone was laid on St Thomas Day , the 21 st December 1849 and declared open on 3rd February 1851 in Mutwal . The College motto Esto Perpetua and the College colours Blue, Black and Blue are Etonian legends and the naming of forms and classes at STC were set to be based on the prestigious English Public School pattern .  In [...]