Guru Day at Mount 2013

The Guru Day at Mount is primarily organised in order to celebrate the historic links between what was once the two campuses of the one School – Gurutalawa and Mount Lavinia – so that the present boys of Mount Lavinia will never be allowed to forget that Gurutalawa sheltered STC during the War and the legacy of Dr Hayman and Fr Foster

The Guru Day at Mount for this year was held on Friday, 17th May.

7.40 a.m. Thanksgiving Service – Preacher: the Revd Dushantha Rodrigo, former Chaplain of Guru and Actg Warden of Mount
8.40 a.m. Special Assembly – Chief Guest and keynote speaker: Mr S K Wickremesinghe, a pioneer Guru Thomian
9.30 a.m. onwards the inaugural U17 cricket encounter between STC Guru and STC Mount for the Hayman-De Saram Trophy presented by Mr Krishantha Weerawardene. Guru and Mount old boy Mr R Renganathan was the chief guest at the award ceremony.